In Houston, burglar bars are not only an ornamental addition to your home, but often a wise and even necessary choice for home security. There is no need for your home security additions to be eyesores. A&S Ironworks can craft beautiful Houston burglar bars that will add value and security to your home, as well as beauty.

Houston Burglar Bars

Houston Burglar Bars

Houston burglar bars can be installed on any window and are a powerful theft deterrent due to their high visibility and of course, difficulty to bypass. Additionally, iron security doors can be installed that are tamper resistant.

Additionally, A&S Ironworks installs quality burglar doors, entry gates, drop bars, A/C cages, bollards, security doors and security boxes in a variety of complimentary styles.

Security features should not be taken lightly. For quality Houston burglar bars and iron security doors, A&S Ironworks can provide the highest level of knowledge and experience to your iron security features. Browse our gallery of previously installed
Houston burglar bars
and iron security doors and call or email today for a
free estimate.


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